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President/CEO - Instructor

Myra McKnight

A CEO and President of BetterOne BetterTwo Relationship Academy & Empowerment Center, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, care giver, friend, author, writer, blogger, Relationship Coach, Infidelity Recover Coach, Motivational Speaker, Business woman, Radio Talk Show Host and The Woman's Coach, I am not done yet!The amazing part of this journey is that it helps us to realize our resilience and strength as women but, at the same time a small voice inside admonishes women in truth about the time and space that is present now. The now presence unctions us to slow down and recognize today and the accumulation of yesterday. And in that space that reflection should equal more battles won than lost, more lessons learned than forgotten, more wisdom gain than ignorance and feeling more love for yourself ever before. Yes, it is given truth to the power of who you are, not who you are to become. And why is that you say? It is because you and I are equip with everything inside of us to be the best of us. Now, more than ever before. The energy for is ripe for newness, growth, opportunities. You can not give in to traditions of the past that have not serve you any good will or purpose. This the time for you to leap like a beautiful ballerina into unknown and land solid on your feet like a gold medal gymnast and keep walking with joy, happiness and reserve that you have given your best to other and now you give yourself permission to live on your terms un-apologetically with no regrets.

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This course will teach you how to be a happier you inside your Relationship

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